Tips for getting Accepted.

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Tips for getting Accepted.

Post by NeziI on Sat Jul 04, 2015 2:25 pm

If you have 1k kills you will be able to be an official member when you get accepted. We are not like Biohazard. We do not test you when you are accepted. But if your inactive for the events, than you will be kicked from BzK. If you have under 1k kills, you will be an unofficial member.

MUST READ:Important

The best way in getting accepted into this clan is,making good reasons on joining,offering something good to this clan without us asking you. Maturity is also a good example of a good clan which is something that anyone can offer. If you seem too immature, or your application is a troll, you may be denied. To get accepted you will need to try your best. If you want to be in this clan you need to act like you really want it.  


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